Cordero, April

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:16:55 AM

Four years ago, I thought I canít go to college. I know that my parents canít raise enough money to pay the tuition and other fees in college. I never lose hope because I have many dreams that I would like to fulfill.

I convinced my classmate to go with me to DLSL to inquire about the scholarship. We went to the office of Mr. Lingao and we asked him if we could apply to be student assistants but he told us that we may be qualified to be FSLE scholars. He needs to see our grades, the result of our entrance examination and other papers that will prove that our parents canít really support our studies financially.

I immediately arrange all the requirements and submit them ti him. We waited for a time to see if we are included in the ten FSLE scholars. We went to DLSL oftentimes to follow up our application and after few weeks, Mr. Lingao showed as the result. I saw my name listed there but he told me that Iím not their priority because I came from a private school (TMS) but since I got high grade from the entrance examination, they still considered me.

Being one of the FSLE scholars doesnít just make my education possible but it also gave me the opportunity to gain friends and it made me realize many things.

I learned to value education and to appreciate all the blessings that God gave me. Through the inspiring words of Bro. Rafe, my sponsor, I learned to develop the right attitude that scholars like me should have. He told us that we should learn the language of success that we have to always give our best in everything that we do to achieve excellence.

I also learned to socialize. In every Christmas Party we had, we always had presentation for all the sponsors of FSLE. We never fail to touch their hearts and support they gave us. The sponsors never make us feel that weíre inferior. They were very accommodating and approachable. The Christmas Party was also a way where the scholars get the chance to be together and have some fun.

For all of these things, I am very grateful to all the people behind the foundation, those who willingly help us though they are completely strangers to us. I want to thank them for their benevolence and for letting themselves to be instruments of Godís love for us. In order to thank all the sponsors, I will do all my best to apply all my knowledge I gained from four years of studying in DLSL in my life outside school. Iíll never forget the promise of helping the FSLE as soon as I can.

Iím proud of being a Lasallian! Iím proud of being an FSLE scholar!