Palmes, Zhyrine

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:18:55 AM

I was sixteen then and all I have for that young age were my dreams. Dreams that someday I would belong to the group of successful professionals whose able to feed their families necessities.

It was until the end of March that my plans were left hanging. All because up to that moment, I havenít made a choice of a university where Iím going for college simply because my family werenít sure if they can support me financially in taking up my degree course.

Mrs. Divinagracia Mercado, a TS faculty, who happened to be my fatherís relative introduce to us various scholarship programs available at DLSL. At that time Mr. Lingao told us that their priorities were high school valedictorians of public schools. I almost lose hope since I was only a first honorable mention from a private school. But still, my father indulged me to take the entrance exam. Luckily, according to the test results, I ranked number four. That gives me a point to be considered as a scholar. But triumphs and screening process does not end that way. We signed a contract saying that 1. there will be a maintaining grade of 2.75 without grade of 3.0 or lower 2. to be able to payback the good deeds our sponsors have given us. With all these and now, one of the candidate foe 2003-2004 Graduation Ceremony with an academic degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.

Each day that pass, I come to realize that in each morning that we make up, we must not lose hope. The sun will continuously shine and the color of its rays will reach us in Godís ways. And now, an this moment I have reached, I would like to take this opportunity to give THANKS to the family who shelters my ideals, nurture any well-being and give life to my dreams. With you, Brother Rafe and the FSLE and owe my future. With this I keep my promise of giving back more of what I have received. In Godís grace and guidance, THANK YOU. Iím proud to be part of the Foundation for Sharing Lasallian Education.

May God continuously shower His glorious blessings to you and your family.