Colendra, Venus

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:21:55 AM


It was not long ago in my youth that I could still spread my wings and take flight care freely among stars and all things celestial. It is not so easy now to fly, now that my wings are gone with age; it is more challenging.

Because old folks say so – that is why every kid who is thankfully young enough to have their share of real adult failure yet wants to be someone big when they grow up. All insist that they’d be a doctor, a lawyer, an architect or an engineer maybe. Hanging a bronze nameplate of their child’s name with a big “DOCTOR” or “ATTORNY-AT-LAW” below seems to be every parent’s dream. Well, we can’t argue here, we admit that this professional goons fare well in today’s life grand ball. But outside the normal curve of ambition is me.

After I graduated from high school, I was just dreaming a less complicated life, nothing definite. Come what may as we say. I wasn’t sure if I will be able to pursue my education through college. What was certain then was that my parents would not be able to send me in a good institution like De La Salle. Thank God He changed my life. He opened me a grand opportunity when I was granted a scholarship. Thank God He changed my mind. Thank God He took away the fears stored in me so I can face the new chapter of my life. Thank God He gave me something that will make me realize my dreams. Thanks to all the people behind the FSLE, for all their help and love.

Next to love, I believe dreams are probably the most romanticized human aspect. Its true that dreams consume us. That aren’t real but at its most lucid, it blurs the line between fantasy and reality that we sometimes end up wanting more of what we already have.

It’s this vague but real quality of life that lends us to dreams. And then there’s more blunt reason: If you don’t have dreams, then there’s good chance your waking life isn’t amazing either.
Dreams are the tiny seeds from which beautiful tomorrows grow. What I am right now is already a success for me. It all started with a small dream with a little cup of prayer and belief. Never let go of your dreams. How you hold on to your dream is the key to your success.

Yesterday, I am just a dream. Now I am a reality. I was transformed from a tiny seed to a fruitful tree now.

These are all my transformation… Thanks to all of you!

This moment, this writing of my thank-you-message, would not be possible without all of the people who helped my family and me.

In behalf of my family, I thank all the benefactors who sincerely share themselves as well as their blessings to us. To Bro. Rafe, Mr. Martinez, to Mr. De Ocampo, to Mr. Lucero and to all other benefactors, thanks to you. May God continue to shower you blessings.

To Mr. Lingao, Ms. Girlie, Mr. Henson, to Ms. Jhing and to all other LAMP Office staff, thank you for assisting all of us scholars.
To my co-scholars, thanks for the genuine friendship you shared with me.

You all in calculated in me the LaSallian values and virtues. You will always be remembered. Thank you!