Ferraro, Hazel Joy

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:23:55 AM

The night is grandeur to our dust
So near is God to man
When duty whisper low, “Thou must”
The youth replies “I can”

Being a kid is indeed fun! You never have to worry of everything. Truly FREE is dreaming of what you want to become!

“You should be an engineer!” my father wishes.

I would reply:

“Yes, the one who’s making great buildings!”

Back then; I would never forget how he was insisting me to learn about fractions ( with the use of ruler) and I was only starting grade 1.

Fast forward… I finished elementary with flying colors. At high school, I was already making decisions. I was not a kid anymore! A quiet person ( to strangers I guess!) but a very participative student I became. I managed to be a consistent honor student that time. I also made my own peer group and best friends and we made memorable HAPPINESS, SORROWS and other experiences of life (especially in the Cadette Officer Candidate Course Training).

Then I was on my T.H.E. (Technology and Home Economics) subject in third year when my teacher said:

“Better take Fine Arts. You have a good hand!”

Probably why she said that was because I had drawn a lady figure in a huge cartolina for her daughter’s project and it seemed nice. I was fond of drawing back then but that was those years… not until the time I had a rivalry with computers that could handle a lot of much better drawings and sketches than me. I never thought of being up to a computer course.

Once in a while, my cousin who’s a CPA visits us and would tell things like:

“I just applied for another job in airlines. Got hired and now I’m gonna spread an all-free vacation trip with my wife in Hongkong!”

I wished I could have been like him. Yeah, there were numbers in Accounting but hey, it’s money! It is about finances and is a demanding job that would help my family and me. Thus signing my application form for the scholarship at the different universities and colleges here in Lipa and Batangas often took me some time to fill-up blanks for what degree to pursue. I already had that Accountancy thing in mind but I knew the truth still prevails, “Too many Numbers are my Weakness!”

Uncertainty landed me to Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Management. Being indecisive let me where I am now graduating. I had had enough fears: “Will I ever get into college?’ Or “Can I make it into a university or college like La Salle?” I am through of simple fears like when I was stepping into DLSL’s compound. Wearing my public high school uniform made me feel like everybody was staring at me and seemed to be saying like: “The guts, she’s enrolling here… a poor student?!?”

But God has His ways. He always shows me. He gave me this wonderful chance of being a scholar. He sent me a very kind person who perhaps would imply to tell me:

“You’re not a kid anymore! Do your decisions… your responsibilityes. You are graduating indeed from one-of-a-kind tertiary school. Now is your time to realize what you yourself want to become. Then recognize the very main purpose behind.”

This time, I am thanking my sponsor, Mr. Enrique Zalamea, and the FSLE, which certainly showed me path whre I really wanted to be.