Lasat, Ruby

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:25:56 AM

Graduating from high school is one of my happiest moment. But behind those smiles and happy feeling is fear. Fear of what will happen next. It was always been my dream to enter and finish college in an exclusive school. And I know my family would also love the idea because none of us, even my parents was not able to continue their studies and finish a degree. My family is financially incapable to send me in any school for college. My parents are not working anymore because of old age and it was my sisters who gave us financial support. But that support is not enough, even to meet our daily needs. And determined I was, I told myself that I will continue my studies no matter what happen. Even if it means working just to earn and save money for my studies.

All that time, a friend of mine has the same problem. He has a brother who still studying at De La Salle Lipa. From him weíre known about the student assistants program that De La Salle Lipa is offering. Because of our eagerness to study, we applied for it. Mr. Morris Lingao was still the one handling the program. Fortunately we passed and got a high grade. Sir Lingao informed us that we are also qualified to their scholarship program called Foundation for Sharing Lasallian Education or FSLE, but only 10 will be chosen.

I really prayed hard for that scholarship. It was really a good opportunity and the only way I can continue my studies. But to my disappointment I wasnít able to make it to the final 10. And whatís really frustrating is to know that Iím at number 11. I was about to cry and lose hopeÖ but still God is so good. Because one of the scholars informed Mr. Lingao that her cousin, who was also included in the final 10, already decided to go to another school. And thatís how I became a scholar. Since one of them backed out, I will be automatically includedÖ Thanked God!

I was really proud and honored to belong in this scholarship. It was really an answered prayer. But being a scholar also means that thereís a corresponding responsibilities and obligations you have to do. It is a privilege not anyone can have. So you must maintain and take care of it. You have to strive for excellence, act and speak like a true scholar, set a good example for everyone to make a difference. And I say that my greatest fear is to loose this scholarship at that time I not able to meet all of the expectations.

But thinking about my donor, Mr. Antonio Sumbingco and his family made me overcome all these fears and worries. I owe him my deepest gratitude so its just right for me to do my best. I consider him my second father already. He and his family became my inspiration. They are the reason why I have a brighter future ahead of me. Because of them I was able to turn my dreams into reality. I can say that Mr. Sumbingco is a very nice man. I appreciate every amount of time and effort, not to mention the money he had shared with me. Itís really a noble deed. People like him is what our world needs. An in return to his blessings, I will always do my best and instill the values that La Salle has taught me.

Being an FSLE scholar is really one of the best thing that happened to me. I canít imagine my life without FSLE scholarship. My family is so thankful at the same time very proud of this scholarship. They became very supportive and were always there to help and guide me. For this I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Mr. Sumbingco and his family, as well to the other donors, Mr. Morris Lingao, Ms. Girlie Navarro and B. Rafe for all the help and guidance.

Now, itís time to enter the business world. I know it will be harder and more challenging. But the school and scholarship program prepared me for all of this. Theyíve taught me many things Iím sure I can bring anywhere I go. Again thank you very much, Mr. Antonio Sumbingco!.