Austria, Ma. Theresa

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:27:55 AM

High school graduation is one of my happiest moments in life. At last, I finished one of my goals. I always ended up crying whenever my classmates would talk about the graduation practices. To think that we would have our own ways and career to plan to… “Farewell to my friend, we’ll see each other again. Don’t cry coz it’s not the end of everything…” Yes … It’s not yet the end… Indeed… It’s the beginning… A beginning that would really be hard. A beginning that would take time to move on… And a beginning that would shape my entire life.

I don’t deny the fact that at night I would always asked myself if I would be able to go to college due to lack of finances and I have my twin sister. So that means we would go to college at the same time. During those times, it doesn’t matter on the kind of school I would have as long as I would be able to finish my studies. So I prayed to God for I know He would grant my wish. I just have to hold His hand and Have faith in Him.

Days passed and my wish was granted. Through the help of my relatives, I was able to inform that there is the Foundation for Sharing Lasallian Education (FSLE) that would give scholarships to students from their being first year up to the last year. So I grab the opportunity. I remember that I passed my requirements late so I had the feeling of being scared. But I was accepted! I can’t help but cry knowing that I would have the chance to study not just in a simple school but in De La Salle Lipa… Isn’t it wonderful?

As I enter the gate of La Salle, I was little bit nervous because they are all staring at me. But instead of being ashamed, I go to my room carrying great confidence I took a glance to my classmates, again I got nervous. I don’t know if I would smile or just don’t mind them. How I wish some of my classmates would sit beside me and started our talk.
Little by little, I had my peers and started to move on. Behind of my deficiencies I was able to comply with my duties and obligations as a Lasallian student. I admit that the changes I made are really hard and take time but it doesn’t matter.

Years had passed and I’m glad I made it. Few weeks after I had wrote this memorabilia, I will now be a Computer Science graduate. First I thanked God for giving me those persons who became a part of my life. For my sponsor, Mr. Clarito Ticzon, who helped me with no conditions, I owe him a lot. Without him, this could not be possible. For my family… thank you for the support, love and care that you have showered upon me. Word’s are not enough to show my deepest gratitude.

And if you would think that I’m one of those persons who would turn back after having such opportunities… you’re wrong… Maria Theresa Austria after four years and after years that would pass would always be the same Maria Theresa Austria.
I would not say the word goodbye because in due time, I would still be here to share my talents, beliefs, aspirations and blessings. I mean it… In St. La Salle… and I promise!