Garcia, John Carlo

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:29:55 AM

It has been four years ago since I graduated from high school and this has been one of the most memorable moment that had happened in my life. But after graduation, certain questions came across my mind; Where would I pursue my college education?, Can I make it to be a bonafide FSLE scholar in a prestigious school like DLSL and how can I adjust the changes that college life would bring to me? This questions confused me for quite some time, but my ever supportive mother made me realized that “nothing is impossible if a person will drive for his best and will be courageous enough to conquer the fear headed on him and of course be faithful to God Almighty.”

Because I want to prove something with my family and superiors in high school and strive for my dreams eventually, I applied for the Foundation Scholarship offered by DLSL wherein only the top 10 examinees can be admitted as scholars. So I took the exam and for some time waited for the results. Then the results came, I was not included in the top 10, I was #15 which was #5 in the waitlisted. At first I was disappointed with myself and my self-esteem went down. But for all of this my mother told me not to lose hope and that God has certain plans for each of one of us. Because one of the scholars decided to forego the scholarship, his grant was transferred to me. My efforts of following up to Mr. Lingao about the possibility of having a vacant scholarship had been paid-off. Since then, I became a scholar and thanked God for this.
I am very proud to be a FSLE scholar since it gave me the opportunity to improve my personality as well as my intellectual and social ability. Even though my college life as an FSLE scholar was like a “roller coaster” – sometimes your down sometimes your up but still I was able to cope up with a new environment such as DLSL through the help of my donor, Mr. Ralph Recto for he gave me an inspiration to strive for my best in every endeavor that I will take.

This time I would like to give my sincere thanks to Bro. Rafael Donato, Mr. Morris Lingao, Ms. Girlie Navarro and most of all to my benefactors, Mr. Ralph Recto for the support that he gave me for the past 4 years. May God Bless them in each day of their lives. Thank you.