Maralit, Ericka

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:30:55 AM

Many can understand that in these pressing and hard times, money seems to be the most essential thing for survival. The school where I have been during my secondary education can be less to impose school expenses but even a meager amount that my one is poor, is single peso counts. From time to time, I know how it is to be parents especially when I see the necessities that both of us, struggle to posses. Those true obstacles can weaken my nerves but I had to strive and proved that poverty can never hinder a personís decisive action to fight all odds.

Then, as I was chose to be on FSLE scholarship grantee four years ago, I come to realized that beside my parents, I found myself in the hands of the people who believed in me and who until now inspired me. They were no other than Sir Morris Lingao, Bro. Rafe the lamp office, Ms Gerlie, Sir Henson, the whole Lasallian family and of course my benefactors. What they all did was a rare kind of advocacy! They let me stuck to my mind that whatever struggle that confronts man, success can be done. Whoever you are, what is important is oneís matter of choice and strength of character. Moreover, they also brings to me a very important point, which is, what we are doing to make what we dream of should be done with determination.

Indeed, Iím so lucky and out of my ardent desire to fulfill my vision, I finally become blessed and overwhelmed.

It goes much to my credit that I am a FSLE scholar and I belong to the Lasallian community.

Thank You to those people who light up my world. May you continue to be an example who imparts wisdom and values to the next young graduates.
Thank you.