Ariola, Maron

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 8/14/2006 11:49:55 AM

Uncertain of what life awaits me after graduation high school, I decided ti inquire at De La Salle Lipa Admission Office on how to get scholarship. During that time my parents said to me that I should stopped studying after my graduation in high school because they canít support the expenses and tuition fees if I pursued to college. It was the reason why I fell in the desk of DLSL admission office and sign p as an applicant of academic scholar. I canít explain my happiness after I know the result of my application where it tells that I will be a FSLE scholar and Mr. Jose Tanjuatco was my benefactor.

I entered college proudly wearing DLSL uniform and I was happy because in our place during that time, we were just three students who were able to study in La Salle, two of us were paying tuition fees and I became FSLE scholar. It is because tuition fees in La Salle are higher than any other school in Batangas and because it is the most prestigious school in the province of Batangas giving quality education.

I am aware that paying an education for a person which was a complete stranger for the benefactor was not easy thatís why every time I prayed to God, even before I sleep, I asked him to guide my benefactor and give him always good health, all of his family. Even my mother always reminded me that thing because she know that this person is a gift for us and this persons are so helpful and kind.

It was so rare that I met Mr. Tanjuatco and even other benefactors, maybe because they are so busy making money for their scholars, I met Mr. Tanjuatco and his wife once during the annual Christmas Party of the FSLE, and I saw that they were really great persons. They talked to me for a while and even it was just a little time with them, I feel that they trusted me and supported me so much.

Even our own benefactor rarely meet us, Bro. Rafe never fails to set a meeting with us, the scholars, giving us tips on how to get good grades and boost our confidence and most important thing was how to be near to God. I tell to myself that I am so lucky because among those students of De La Salle Lipa, only the FSLE scholars were given such I called special treatment of Bro. Rafe. Iím so thankful to him because even he had also so busy as a President of De La Salle Lipa, he still managed to help us. Had it been without him I am not as confident as I am today.

The most crucial time and most memorable time for me as a FSLE scholar was when I will enter fifth year of study. I know that it was only four years that Mr. Tanjuatco will shoulder my tuition fees but still he extended my scholarship until I have graduated. Again I proved how noble He is taking the sacrifice and extending his helped for me.

Before I know that I will still became an FSLE scholar on my fifth year, I plan to be either student assistant or Maintenance (scholarship that was also offered by LAMP) assistant, or if not accepted I probably stop studying and wait for sometime that my family can support me. God is really good and kind because he never stop to bring Mr. Tanfuatco in my life and the FSLE to my life.

Few weeks after I had wrote this, I will be graduating as a computer engineer. I will dedicate this graduation to Mr. Jose Tanjuatco and his family because I believe that is he fruit of their hardships and sacrifices, without them I will not achieve one of my greatest dreams, to Bro. Rafe and all the sponsors, to God who always guide those people behind the FSLE scholars, to Mr. Morris Lingao, to Ms . Girlie Navarro, to Ms. Ariane Libat and to all of my fellow scholar and to my family.

As an FSLE scholar, after graduation I will do my best to be successful for the FSLE, for my family and for our country. I will do my best so that one day I can do what my benefactor had done for me. I will still pray for the good of FSLE and I will thank you forever.

To Mr. Jose Tanjuatco and family:

May God continuously pour his blessings to all of you, brings you good health so that you will be able to help more people like me.

Thank you very much to the infinity.