Torino, Kathleen

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 11:18:13 AM

It was during the second semester of my second year when I applied for the scholarship. Mr. Vitas, my benefactor was looking for an Accountancy student whom he would be sponsoring. Mr. Joy Manalo recommended me for the said scholarship. I was glad that I was granted the scholarship. Since then, I do not have to worry about my financial needs which consequently help me to focus more with my studies.

At first, I wasnít aware that I belong to the FSLE since I only become a scholar when I was in second year and I was not included in previous FSLE activities such as the Christmas Party. When I was invited to join the 2002 Christmas Party, thatís the only time I met my co-scholars. Even though I was new to the group, it was easy for me to get along with them since they are all friendly and approachable.

When I was interviewed by Bro. Mawel for the Presidentís Award he asked me to give a good feature of De La Salle Lipa and I answered him proudly that FSLE is one of the best feature of DLSL. It is such a noble work for our benefactors to extend their help to students whom they do not personally know. The trust and support that they give to us is most formidable. Although we only meet our benefactors once a year, we can feel how much they support and trust us. With this we were more inspired to do our best because we know that he have to dedicate our work not only for our family but also to them.

To my benefactor, Mr. Vitas and to all other FSLE benefactors, Thank You Very Much! May God continue to shower you with all the blessing that you deserve.