Gocoyo, Shiela Marie S.

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 1:05:46 PM

Once I only dreamed wearing the school uniform of La Salle. I dreamed that I am standing in front of the prestigious school, wearing their uniform, having my pack bag, and reading the billboard outside the college lobby.

God is so grateful! I never expected to be in La Salle knowing that my parents could not send me in this institution. I understand our situation and thereís no on to blame, itís my destiny belonging in one of the deprived families in the region. Being deprived is not the basis of achieving what you wanted to achieve, it did not hinder me in grasping my dreams.

It was Mrs. Nora Arreglado, one of the former directors here in La Salle and the manager of Rural Bank of Cuenca who persuaded me to apply for a scholarship grant here. Very enthusiastic to be sent in this wonderful institution without the need of paying my tuitions, I grabbed the opportunity. Unfortunately, after I took the entrance exam, I did not reach the quota Sir Lingao told me to obtain to be one of the foundation scholars, I needed eight points more. I went home with a lonely heart then. It was May 2001 when Sir Lingao informed me to report in his office immediately. There, he told me that ont of the scholars in batch 3 will pursue her degree in UP. I occupied the vacant and last position, atlas! Iím one of the foundation scholars. I canít elucidate how pleased I am that time until now that I made it being one of the scholars.

I cherish all the moments being a Lasallian. Even though I have cried many tears due to the test of college life, I appreciate all the things that are happening in my life. Who would have known what life may bring you? Always trust God and He will never neglect you.

To all the sponsors of the Foundation for Sharing Lasallian Education (FSLE) especially to Bro. Rafe who is my sponsor, thank you very, very much. Thank you for sharing us your blessings, your solidarity with the poor. Words are not enough to express my sincerest, deepest and warmest gratitude to all of you. Bro. Rafe you inspired me a lot. T o Mr. Morris Lingao, Ms. Girlie Navarro and Ms. Ariane Libat, thank you for guiding and supporting us. Mam Nora thank you very much.

Being instruments of God in helping us, His blessings and guiodance may always be with you.

I will never forget that after 10 years, I will be one of the sponsors who will support our foundation.