Caraos, Grace D.

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 1:15:19 PM

Way back then, in my childhood years, I dreamt of lots of things. Dreams that I thought were impossible to reach… One of which is to be part of this prestigious school, the De La Salle Lipa Institution.

Honestly speaking, I was not expecting to be expected as one of the FSLE scholars. I just took the chances and was lucky enough to be chosen.

Looking back…

The scholarship program was just informed to the top ten students of the class by our school guidance counselor. Being the seventh honorable mention, I’ve been given the opportunity to take the exam. The exam was actually for the Batangas City Association of Chicago Scholarship and only one student will be selected. After a month, the chosen scholar was announced. Unluckily, it was not my name. I just told my self it was really not meant for me. But, God is so kind that He gave me another chance. Our guidance counselor called me again and told me that they found another scholarship in La Salle. It was the FSLE. Still my chances are 50-50 because only one between my classmate and me is to be chosen She said that the benefactors still have to decide who among us would qualify. Fortunately, it was I who got the opportunity.

I thought things would flow smoothly since I got what I wanted. But, a time came that I have second thoughts of accepting the scholarships. “Should I accept the scholarship and manage to travel 30 minutes or more everyday?” “Would I gain friends in this famous school?” “Can I maintain the scholarship?” and a lot of questions, worries and fears came out from my mind. Fears and worries that I had overcome because of the guidance and enlightment of the Lord. I also kept in mind that I have to pursue my studies not just for my self but also for my family and for the people who might need my help.


I’m just three weeks away before my graduation day. I’m already excited to accept my diploma. I am proud that I have conquered those fears that have bothered me for quite sometime. I know I won’t be able to finish my study in this school without the help of my benefactors.

Mr. Mariano Martinez, Mr. Antonio Lim and Bro. Rafael Donato, a lot of thanks to all of you… No words can explain how much we are thankful to you and to yor family. Me and my family owe you a lot. Mr. Lingao, Mam Girlie and Ms. Arriane, thank you for the guidance and support. May the Almighty God continue to shower you blessings… God Bless you and your family always.

Rest assures, I’ll continue the good works of the Foundation for Sharing Lasallian Education.