Santiago, Maricris

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 3:04:16 PM

I can still remember the first time I entered De La Salle Lipa. I was just a five-year old girl back then. We went there because DLSL old Gymnasium was the chosen venue for our graduation when I was in kindergarten. By that time, I don’t know anything about De La Salle Lipa and I was amazed with the things I saw in that school.

Years passed and I never thought of that place again. I never imagined myself being there again. I never imagined myself being there again.

Until the opportunity comes in my cousin who was a graduate of DLSL informed me that there are scholarships available at DLSL. She encouraged me to apply for a scholarship for she knew that we cannot afford the expenses for my college education.

We went to La Salla then she introduced me to Sir Lingao. I do actually apply as a student assistant but he informed me about a scholarship offered for the graduates of public secondary schools. So he told me that since I had a high grade point average, I may apply for the FSLE (Foundation for Sharing Lasallian Education) scholarship.

I waited for months and I was about to loose hope if I would be accepted for the scholarship. I never received any confirmation until I decided to go to La Salle and asked Sir Lingao.

It was April 23, 2003… I’ll never forget that date. I asked Sir Lingao if I was accepted as FSLE scholar. He looked at me with a sad face and say “Sorry” then he smiled at me and said, “You may now enroll”. That time, I don’t know what to say. I just jumped and then he congratulated me. “Thank you” are the only words that came out from me. I hurriedly went home and I told grandmother about it. She was surprised and was so glad. She’s very proud of me. In our place, it became very big news. Imagine, I will study in La Salle for free. During that time, very few in our place are studying in La Salle. They are those who are considered rich. I was so lucky that soon I will be wearing La Salle uniform.

June 13, 2003… it was our first day of school. I felt like I was in a strange place. I don’t know anyone and I don’t know where to go. I almost cried for I cannot find our classroom. Thank God I met a good friend and we are of the same program. She’s very familiar with the place since she graduated from the Unified School. Thank you very much Rachel. It took e so long before I was able to adjust to a new world…. A very competitive world… I have to wake up early coz I have to take more than 30 minutes travel from home to DLSL and my first class was 7:30 a.m. And that was from Monday to Friday.

After adjustment period with the environment, still there are dilemmas like…”pano ba mag internet? “Dami namang research papers ah” “Kelangan daw umatend ng seminar.” It’s been four years… I can really say that I’ve undergone great transformation. I am proud and grateful to acquire Lasallian values and Lasallian education. I feel very blessed to be part of the institution and of course to be part of the FSLE family for without the people behind the FSLE and the entire institution, I’ll never be who I am today.

A million thanks to Almighty God for sending generous people like Bro. Rafael Donato, Sir Bobby de Ocampo, my benefactor Sir Emmanuel “Bong” de Ocampo and all the benefactors for their unending support to all FSLE scholars… and for giving us dedicated and committed people like, Mam Girlie, Sir Henson, Ms. Jhing, Ms. Ariane and Sir Topher.

Thank you FSLE…

Thank you De La Salle Lipa.

Live Jesus in our Hearts, Forever…

“The benefactors are complete strangers to you but still, they never hesitated to provide you the Lasallian education.”