Laygo, Jonalyn R

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 4:20:44 PM

In our lives, people might forget what you said but never what you did. Especially if that will leave a mark to the person that eventually will help him transformed into a better individual. You know what; that is exactly what the Foundation for Sharing Lasallian Education has done to me. Through their simple act of kindness and unselfish way of sharing, I am happy to say that I am a better now and even happier to say that one of my dreams already turned out into a reality. And I owe a part of it to the people behind the foundation.

I’ve been enrolled in La Salle for more than four years. All through out those years, I am receiving Lasallian quality of education for free. And now that my college days has come to an end and as I leave this institution to venture into new environment, I know that what I have with me is not only a certification that I have graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy but also all the learning, experiences and realizations that I have gained through; add to that are the special people close to my heart that I’ve met along the way.

I am a FSLE scholar and I’m proud to be one. I was sent to school by someone I never knew from the start – a total stranger as what they call. I am blessed and lucky that there are people like him who are willing and ready to share their blessings to others. But I know along with that is a responsibility and duty that one has to do, being a scholar. And I have to admit that sometimes I belong to some of those pasaway who failed to comply with the requirements. There are times that I failed to attend in meetings and failed to pass on time some documents. I am really sorry for that.

But right now, what more important is to say thank you to those people who know – us scholars – to see and let us experience this kind of fulfillment and happiness. In my case, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the following;

to other FSLE scholars for the warmth company
to Ms. Girlie, Mr. Lingao, Sir Henson and Ms. Jhing for the guidance, encouragement and understanding
to Mr. Ricky de Roca and family (my benefactor) for lending support in my education and other benefactors as well
and of course to the FSLE founder – Bro. Rafael Donato – thank you for establishing this foundation. You will always remain in our hearts and will truly be an inspiration to all of us.

So here’s a simple message especially for all of you;

thank you

coz your support and concern
have done so much to so many
bringing hope and joy
when they are most needed
thank you for taking time
to touch our lives
in special ways….

Again thank you…..
God Bless…..