Fedejas, Coward

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 4:23:07 PM

As an ordinary boy who has big dreams, I am really blessed that I was given a chance to be part of the Foundation for Sharing Lasallian Education (FSLE) and study at De La Salle Lipa!

My four-year stay at De La Salle Lipa was really something that I will always cherish. Here I experienced some of my "firsts". I met my first crush, encounter my first most embarrassing moment and last, got my first ever grade of 75 (3.00) in my entire career (thanks to Quantec). But these experiences are also the same reasons I grew up, developed and gained maturity.

They say, you need great dedication and persistent to finish whatever you have started. Just like in college, great education and persistent are the keys! Aside from these keys, you should also enjoy what you are doing. Well, for me I really enjoyed every second of my college life...(meet new friends... express myself... joined in an organization). I am happy I did that all when I was in college. These would not be possible if I didn't enroll in DLSL.

Being a Lasallian is really something, one can be proud of! Since I stepped my bare feet at DLSL's lobby, I have learned a lot! Now I'm stepping out at the same place with a winged sandals. I wouldn't acquired this winged sandals if I have quit sine I encountered problems and without the help of people behind FSLE.

Now that I am graduating, allow your humble scholar here, to thank those who have raise me while I'm in De La Salle Lipa.

To the late Bro. Rafael "Rafe" Donato, thank you very much for dedicating your life to the foundation. I promised to keep what I have promised to you. Thank you very much.

To Ms. Girlie Navarro, Mr. Henson Ola, Ms. Jhing Minas for patiently nurturing us and reminding us of our responsibility, sorry if in any way, I have disobeyed you, forgot to do my part as a scholar. I will never forget you.

To all benefactors, founders of FSLE thank you... Thank you very much for putting up a foundation for us!