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Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 4:28:05 PM


100% of success as they would always say: 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. But what really is the formula for success? It is really the old cliché that I always here now and then. Here is an excerpt from Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of highly effective teens:

The following events are inspiring moments of a man who failed many times but kept fighting back:
- Failed in business at age twenty-two
- Was defeated for the state legislature age twenty-three
- Failed in business at age twenty-five
- Coped with the death of his sweetheart at age twenty-six
- Suffered a nervous breakdown at age twenty-seven
- Was defeated for speaker at age twenty-nine
- Was defeated for congressional nomination at age thirty-four
- Was elected to congress at age thirty thirty-seven
- Lost nomination for congress at age thirty-nine
- Was defeated for senate at age forty-six
- Was defeated for vice-presidency of the United States at age forty-seven
- And was defeated for the senate at age forty-nine

This person was none other than Abraham Lincoln, elected president of the United States at age fifty-one. He rose each time he fell and eventually reached his destination, gaining the respect and admiration of all nation and people.

Mr. Lincoln, put his full 99% "perspiration" as an input for his success and eventually, the 1% "inspiration", he lost at the age of twenty-six. But did he succeed instantly? The answer is NO. One full effort is not enough. And from this I, as an FSLE scholar considered two main ingredients as an addition to the formula for success: consistency and chance.

I believe that I have the aim and drive for consistency, like Mr. Lincoln as he faced every challenge in his life. No one full effort can provide true success but the decision to strive for consistency in excellence, and that is more important!

I, as an FSLE scholar, believe that I am able, that I am talented, and that I am pursuing consistency in excellence in education, as I have promised to my benefactor - Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. few years ago. As a sign of my cherished promised, my long-awaited diploma will seal the gratitude I have for my benefactor and my FSLE family.

And what about the last ingredient? One ingredient of success is the great moment of chance. Inject 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration and even the element of consistency but when there is no "chance", how could one fuel his own destiny? True, that one can make his own chances in this lifetime but in my case, I was unprivileged to get that "chance" although I am fully armed with the talent, skill and the ability to surpass academic challenges. And from this, I equate chance as my beloved benefactor! Yes my benefactor gave me the key to success. He is the symbol of chance like a dependable key, given to me as a gift to be able to open the door for success!

I would not be here, almost at the peak of my mission, without my benefactor Senator Ramon Magsaysay, my FSLE family Mr. Lingao, Sir Henson, Ms. Jhing and Mrs. Girlie. What could I truly offer is the white parchment paper, labeled by fine textured pen, written my name, full of glory but t reflects the names of those who inspired me, help me and have given me the chance to climb the ladder of success! To my benefactor and FSLE family, thank you very much. For now, all I can promise is the consistency of the 99% perspiration, an inject of 1% inspiration and the firm grasp of the chance given to me. One day, I will say that I already completed the formula for success and with that, I will always acknowledge, remember and cherish the benefactor that helped me, the great moment of chance I had!