Apolinario, Dennis

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 4:30:09 PM

As an Electronics and Communications Engineering student, I am always amazed by the theories and principles behind today's highly efficient wireless communication systems. From the basic two way radio, man was able to set a whole new revolution in the field of communications engineering. Microwave technologies made cellular communication possible, employing state of the art equipments to provide access to the many mobile phones that communicate around the world. But behind that is a truly elegant unseen work of art: the naturally occurring electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic waves are radiations that consist of the electric and magnetic field, with properties that make it perfect instrument for transmission. They serve as the sailboat of information in the air, carrying voice, video, music and other data to its destination. It is the postman keeping our hi, hello, I miss you and umwahh right in the front door of our loved ones.

Yet it is unseen. For five years, I have made an affair with this invisible being. It made me suffers a lot of headaches, hold a lot of overnights, fail tests and almost stopped me from the marching ceremonies. I do not regret a thing, though. Beautiful things deserve great amounts of effort and perseverance.

I give the highest respect to the man behind the foundation of the institution with a great faith and zeal, Saint John Baptist de la Salle. I stand proud with the father of modern pedagogy, holding the Lasallian values. I give gratitude to all man and woman behind the institution, whom we seldom see or never had the chance at all, but whose works stand strong beneath the pillars of De la Salle Lipa. Most of all, I'd like to dedicate my education to Mr. Panfilo Castro, the stranger who financed my studies for five years. I would be like him, someday. They are the unsung heroes and their deeds speak for themselves. They are the individuals who need not be seen to know they exist-just like the electromagnetic waves.