Calingasan, Sally R.

Post by Jerwin M. Lasin | Date: 9/13/2007 4:32:21 PM

"At last...!"
I honestly don't know how I would begin this memorabilia. My mind is cluttered with different things that I want to share but couldn't find the exact words to describe them all. So I just decided to begin it with what is at the back of my mind and I believe it is also at the bottom of my heart. "At last...!"
After the four long years of struggle to earn a degree, at last, the long waiting hours are almost over. In few days (in few weeks), I will be marching down the Sentrum aisle to receive the fruit of all the hard works that not only me have exerted but also all those people who continuously believe that I ought to be educated.

"At last...!"
I could say that my college life has been a fruitful one and that the money that was spent to finance my study was not wasted. When I leave the portals of De La Salle Lipa, I know, I would bring with me all the learning I got not only from what had been taught in the four corners of the classroom but also from what had been taught in facing the realities of life. I would bring with me the values that were nourished during my stay in the institution.

In few days, my life would be changed - I would be writing another chapter of my life. But I would never forget to go back to the chapter where I met new friends, got new moms and dads plus "ates" and "kuyas" (another family), have another home, learned new things, explored new horizons and faced challenges that honed me to where I am now. That chapter was my college life - the life that I would cherish forever.

I know, I would miss a lot of things and bring so many memories when I am already in a new environment. How would I ever forget the experiences that made me smile, laugh, cry and even shout? How would I ever forget the moments that made me realize how blessed I am for being given the chance to fulfill my dreams with the help of papa God and the people who continuously love, support and believe I me. I would never forget the fun, the laughter, the joys, the tears and the sorrows of being a college student because those things that happened during my entire college years had really molded me to be a stronger, more confident and a better person. All the knowledge that were imparted to me, the battles that I fought and the fears that I conquered will always be my weapon in facing another challenges of life.

The times that I've spent "in school" (meaning academically) - attending classes, taking exams, doing assignments with classmates, sharing different ideas, joining competitions, and other ventures, will always be part of the precious things that I will never regret spending. Those worthwhile things had helped me a lot to shape me into a well-rounded individual - a person who is full of hopes and aspiration plus the determination to pursue those dreams. Moreover, the times that I've spent "out-school" (my non-academic involvements) - joining different student organizations, presiding over and attending meetings, organizing and being involved indifferent activities, going to different places, meeting new friends, dealing with different challenges and many other adventures, had deepened my perception about life. I came to see the realities of life that cannot be found solely in the walled classrooms. I learned to explore myself and see that there are a lot of more things that are in store for me. I learned to value more my giftedness and the giftedness of other people. The realms of dealing with different people had helped me to see that life is really beautiful if we perceive it that way and despite of all the bitter strife that we have to face, it is always a blessing.

At one point, I asked myself - "What if I was not accepted as a scholar in DLSL, will my life be the same? What if I was allowed to study in UPLB, will I still meet the people I learned to cherish now?" And more other "what ifs". I think my life would have been different and I might have made a different mark in the lives of other people. But I don't think that my life would be this happier because I might not have been the person that I am now. Yes, I am happy that I would leave the institution full of confidence that I will succeed because I got the learnings and the values that would serve as my tool in practicing my chosen career. I believe, I am destined to be one of the FSLE scholars, to study in De La Salle Lipa and be a Lasallian. I believe, my mind was meant to be taught, my heart was planned to be touched and my life was written to be transformed the Lasallian way.

In few years, after I have settled my life and the life of the people who are valuable to me, I hope and dream to make another difference in the lives of other people, especially to the lives of young individuals who wish to fulfill their dreams and yet their financial deprivation is hindering them from doing so. That might not happen very soon, but later it will.

"At last..."
I guess, that would still be my parting words. But I know, it would never mean goodbye because I would forever remain a true green LASALLIAN and I would always be proud that I am a LASALLIAN SCHOLAR.